25% Fee – Less Than Most Other Firms Charge


Affordable Representation for Your Trucking Accident Claim

The main reason why most people choose not to hire a lawyer is because they think they can't afford one. Over the decades, attorneys have gained a reputation for being very expensive - oftentimes too expensive for the average American. Nagle & Associates challenges that thinking by offering competitive attorney fees for the highest-quality representation. The firm's goal is to significantly increase the settlement offer for your claim without damaging your pocketbook with exorbitant attorney fees.

Nagle & Associates' Competitive Attorney Fees

The purpose of filing a claim for a truck accident or other traffic accident is to obtain compensation for your damages, which cannot be accomplished when your lawyer charges more than necessary out of your settlement. Nagle & Associates charges far less than the average attorney or firm when it comes to auto accident cases. First of all, they only charge 25% against any settlement that you agree to accept. Most other firms charge one-third of the settlement, or 33.33%, which is nearly 10% higher than what Nagle & Associates charge. For trial cases, the firm only charges one-third, or 33.33%, whereas other firms usually charge a full 40%.

All Case Costs Are Advanced by the Firm

The discounts don't end with the firm's attorney fees. Along with lower rates, the firm also advances all the costs associated with your case. Many other firms require their clients to pay court fees, early retainers, and other such fees as their case progresses. Nagle & Associates fronts all case costs and simply charge it against your final recovery. These costs also include any inter-office expenses, such as copies, long distance charges, postage, etc. The firm covers it all so that you never have to worry about paying for anything out of pocket. Attorney Carl Nagle feels that, because serious injury cases carry a higher settlement value, your attorney should leave a larger portion of the settlement with you as the injury victim. You have been through a traumatizing experience and each attorney with the firm wants nothing more than to help you obtain full compensation for your damages.

Retain a North Carolina Trucking Accident Attorney

Do not hesitate to speak with a lawyer from Nagle & Associates, P.A. if you've been injured in a trucking accident. Attorney Nagle has former experience as a claims adjuster and as an insurance defense attorney, although he has spent the past 21 years representing accident victims. His former experience gives him an edge in his clients' cases as he goes up against the insurance companies. He knows their strategies and tactics and is much more likely to maximize his clients' cases than most other lawyers are. Contact the firm right away to speak with an attorney and get started on a strong case. The firm offers a free case evaluation and multiple office locations across North Carolina for your convenience.