Examples of Driver Distraction

Truck drivers spend enough time behind the wheel to know how important it is to be alert, especially when operating such a large and cumbersome vehicle. One moment of distraction can result in a catastrophic accident and serious injury. Truck drivers spend as many as 14 hours behind the wheel per day, which often results in boredom or complacency that endangers the lives of all other motorists on the road. This distraction can take the form of talking on the phone or texting while driving, adjusting the radio, eating while driving, adjusting the GPS, and more.

Truck Accidents Caused by Distracted Drivers

Nagle & Associates, P.A. has the experience and dedication that you need to win your truck accident case. A North Carolina trucking accident attorney from the firm can help you preserve evidence to establish the negligence of the truck driver, therefore establishing liability. Only then will you have the best chance of recovering the full amount of your damages. Distracted truck drivers can make an unsafe lane change; rear-end a vehicle in front of them; run a light and cause a T-bone accident; or lose control and cause a jackknife accident or truck rollover. The firm is skilled in handling any of these and other cases.

Hire a Trucking Accident Lawyer in North Carolina

Attorney Carl Nagle has two years of former experience as an insurance claims adjuster, after which he spent some time as an insurance defense attorney. Today, he uses his insight into their tactics to litigate on behalf of innocent motor vehicle accident victims. He is also an Avvo-rated lawyer and a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum®. Contact the firm right away for your free case evaluation to learn what a truck accident attorney can do to recover your damages.