Durham County NC Truck Accident


Durhamn County Truck Accident Lawyers of North Carolina

Tractor trailer accidents are all too common in North Carolina and while drivers may try their best to avoid them, they sometimes happen and can cause injuries and property damage. In Durhamn County, North Carolina, the Law Offices of Nagle and Associates can help you with all of your legal needs pertaining to tractor trailer accidents and other commercial vehicle accidents. If you were injured in a commercial vehicle accident of any kind, you may be entitled to compensation.

What Should I Expect From The Other Party?

The other party involved in the accident may or may not be willing to take responsibility for the accident. If the other party is at fault but denies it, you may need to gather evidence for your case. You may also have to fight the company owner and the insurance company to get compensated for your injuries or property loss. In some cases, the other party may be willing to settle things out of court but in others you will have to prepare a case to take before a judge. Your attorney will walk you through the entire process and make sure you know what to expect each step of the way and that you feel confident in your abilities to take on the other party.

Aren’t Attorneys Expensive?

Many people are scared to hire an attorney to represent them in court because they are scared that they cannot afford one. This is not true and the attorneys at Nagle and Associates will work with you to make sure you can afford their services. You can talk about payment options at your initial consultation and even work out a payment plan if necessary. Attorneys are more affordable than ever and you deserve a good legal team on your side regardless of your financial situation.

Who Should I CallFor Help?

If you are ready to file a claim against a tractor trailer operator or company of if you have been injured in another type of commercial vehicle accident and believe you should be compensated, call Nagle and Associates in Durahmn County, North Carolina today at (800) 411-1583 and get the results you deserve.