Get the Free Nagle Firm App And Organize Your Accident Info

Our clients often ask how to best preserve photographs, scene information, witness information and other data relating to their accidents. We made it simple with a free cell phone application that is available through your App store for all i-phones, droids, tablets and other portable devices.

App Benefits

  • From the collision scene, the App will locate the closest hospitals, towing and wrecker services, medical providers, taxi services, police, ambulance services and other emergency responders. From the app, you can reach these providers with a one touch to call feature.
  • From the collision scene, you can take scene photos and the App will automatically encrypt the photo with GPS coordinates to preserve the exact location of your accident.
  • Our App connects to your phone/tablet camera and allows you to store all photos relating to your accident in a single file location.
  • Our App allows you to provide all photos and other information/data to our firm with a one touch relay function. Thus, your injury and property damage photos, scene photos, witness contact info, and all other in-App data can be transferred to our case-file in an instant.
  • Our App connects to your phone/tablet video camera and provides detailed instructions on how to diplomatically collect video from the accident scene and during medical visits that will help to build your case WITHOUT prejudicing your claims.
  • Our App provides an accident response plan of action so you will have legal guidance at your fingertips if an accident occurs.
  • Our App creates an “Accident Report” file that consolidates all of the information, photos, video and data you collect.
  • Our App also allows you to store multiple Accident Reports if you are involved in more than one accident.

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