If you’ve been a car accident, truck accident, or motorcycle accident, it’s important that you receive a thorough medical consultation to determine the full extent of your injuries. Oftentimes this involves speaking with more than one doctor, including orthopedic surgeons, psychologists, and other specialists, as motor vehicle accidents can leave victims with significant physical injuries that can be difficult to diagnose.

At Nagle & Associates, P.C., members of our personal injury legal team serves clients injured in auto accidents throughout North Carolina. We offer free initial consultations by telephone or in person, and you can talk with an experienced personal injury attorney now to learn about all of your legal rights and options.

A Complete Diagnosis for Your Car Accident Injuries

If an injury sustained in an auto accident goes undiagnosed, any compensation you might receive for other injuries may be lost to pay for treatment that should have been included in your personal injury case to begin with. That’s why we work with doctors and care planners to determine the complete, long-term effects of your personal injuries, and we build your case to ensure that all of your injuries are considered and paid for.

Since auto accident injuries can lead to long-term or permanent disability, it is important that you have representation from a North Carolina personal injury lawyer who can ensure that your claim is valued properly, taking into account the life-long toll a car accident can take on your finances and your quality of life.

Compassionate Representation for North Carolina Residents

With offices in Winston-Salem,Raleigh, Wilmington, Charlotte and Asheville, NC, personal injury attorney Carl Nagle has helped injured clients throughout North Carolina. Our commitment to our clients has earned us a reputation as one of North Carolina’s most trusted personal injury law firms. Since our practice is devoted exclusively to vehicle accident cases, we have extensive experience representing personal injury and auto accident victims in all North Carolina courts.

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