Benefits of Hiring a Former Claims Adjuster & Insurance Defense Lawyer

Attorney Carl Nagle – founding attorney at Nagle & Associates, P.A. – has more than two years of former experience as an insurance claims adjuster. Today, he uses that experience and insight to represent traffic accident victims in need of compensation. Attorney Nagle understands the ins and outs of insurance companies, their delay tactics and defense strategies, and their reasoning behind claim denials. Having Attorney Nagle on your side when filing a trucking accident claim can give you an insider’s edge against the insurance company so that you can win the settlement or trial verdict that you deserve.

Along with his experience as a claims adjuster, Carl Nagle was also an insurance defense lawyer before becoming a traffic accident attorney. He defended insurance companies that were facing claims and lawsuits, which gives him even further insight into your opponent’s likely defense strategies. Few firms and attorneys can offer the knowledge, skill, and probability of success that Nagle & Associates can provide. Each North Carolina trucking accident lawyer with the firm is focused on traffic accidents alone. Your attorney’s attention and experience will never be split across multiple areas of law when you choose to retain Nagle & Associates for your truck accident case.

Prepared for Trial from Day One

With such experience as a claims adjuster and insurance defense attorney, Attorney Nagle knows how to best approach your case. He thoroughly evaluated each case and prepares for trial from day one, letting the insurance company know that he is not afraid to go to court. Insurance companies recognize attorneys who are trial-ready and are much more likely to agree on a fair settlement rather than go through the hassle and expense of a court case. Most of the cases that Nagle & Associates handle reach a fair settlement, but each lawyer with the firm is always prepared for trial and is skilled in litigation. You can always have confidence in your attorney’s experience and capability when you hire a lawyer from the firm.

Hire a Trucking Accident Lawyer in North Carolina

Have you been in a serious truck accident? Do you need to file a claim and take on the big insurance companies? Do notfile a claim without the counsel and representation of a skilled attorney from Nagle & Associates! The firm can ensure that you receive maximum compensation for your damages. Trucking accidents can cause catastrophic injury and property damages that should not be paid for out of your own pocket. Fill out the firm’s free case evaluation or contact any one of their office locations to speak with an attorney about your case. The sooner you contact the firm, the sooner an attorney can help you recover the compensation you deserve.