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The damages caused in trucking accidents are almost always catastrophic. From sideswipe collisions to jackknife accidents, truck accidents can leave an innocent victim facing extensive injuries and expenses. These expenses should be compensated by the liable party, but proving liability and pursuing compensation is best handled accomplished by retaining the representation of an experienced North Carolina trucking accident lawyer. Nagle & Associates, P.A. has focused on traffic accidents for the past 21 years and can provide the focused representation that you need in order to win a fair settlement.

Attorney Carl Nagle has several unique advantages when handling truck accident cases. First of all, he is a former insurance claims adjuster, as well as a former insurance defense lawyer. He knows the delay tactics and defense strategies that insurance companies use when fighting a claim or denying fair coverage. This gives his current clients an insider's edge that helps them to maximize their compensation. He has also handled nothing but traffic accident cases for the past two decades, which means that he is constantly up to date on the laws and the best defense strategies. If you are in need of quality representation after a truck accident, do not hesitate to fill out the firm's free case evaluation and learn how a lawyer can handle your case, no matter how serious your accident may have been.

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Types of Truck Accident Cases

After 20 years of focusing on traffic accidents, Nagle & Associates has handled every type of truck accident case imaginable. From drunk driving accidents to delivery truck accidents, the firm has the right attorney for your case. Each lawyer has an understanding of all the different causes of truck accidents, the most common of which include distracted driving and driver fatigue. Distracted truck drivers are notorious for making unsafe lane changes. As for cases involving tired truckers, the firm can use data from an electronic on-board recorder, for example, to prove driver fatigue. On the other hand, your accident may have resulted because of unsecure cargo or any other violation of trucking regulations. Whatever the case may be, an attorney from the firm will be more than capable of handling your case.

Each attorney with Nagle & Associates can thoroughly investigate your accident to find out exactly what happened in order to preserve evidence and establish driver negligence or employer negligence. Once liability is established in your truck accident, you need a lawyer who can continue to fight for maximum compensation. The firm handles personal injury cases as well as wrongful death claims, so do not wait to speak with a lawyer if you have been injured or one of your family members has been killed in a tragic truck accident. Nothing can truly compensate for the loss of a loved one's life, but you still deserve some form of compensation from the liable party and justice for what they have done.

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